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1940s White Christmas Ball
1940s White Christmas Ball


 Where is the Ball located?

The Summer ball is held at the Boulder Municipal Airport. Click Here for directions.

The Winter Ball is held at the Hyatt Downtown Denver. Click Here for directions.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Buy Tickets To The Event

Can I get a refund or re-sell my ticket?

Tickets are non-refundable. All sales are final and the event is rain, snow or shine. We do not offer refunds due to scheduling conflicts, illness, injury or other personal issues (under any circumstances, there are no exceptions).  We are working with Tixel who provide a safe and easy place for you to sell your ticket to another fan.  To sell your ticket please go to and follow the prompts.

If you have already found a buyer for your ticket but want to complete the transaction safely, you can create a private sale by selecting the ‘make my listing private’ option at the final step.

To transfer your tickets to another person or change the name on your tickets, please click here

If I have lost my tickets, what do I do?

You can recover your tickets using this link:

Why are there different entry times?

We have a 4pm and 7pm entry to help with traffic.  If your tickets do not say 7pm entry, you have 4pm entry. You will need a 4pm ticket in order to enter at 4pm.  If you have a 7pm tickets you cannot enter until 7pm.  Please have your parking pass on your dashboard when you arrive. Parking passes will be sent 48 hours before the event.  If you are taking Uber or Lyft you can enter at any time. However if you are bringing a car, you must enter at your ticket time. So if you have a 7pm ticket and would like to come at 4pm, just car pool with a friend that has a 4pm ticket or take an Uber.  We will not be checking entry times once you reach the main walk up gate, it's just for parking.


Are children allowed at the event?

Children under 13 (including infants) are strictly prohibited at this event. We do have the Ball in collaboration with Boulder Airport day so that families can come out and enjoy the planes and some of the displays during the day. Please check with the Boulder Airport to see if this is happening this year.

Is there parking at the event?

Yes. Click Here for more information. (Summer)

Yes. Click Here for more information. (Winter)

Is dressing 1940s mandatory?

There is a dress code for this event in keeping with the theme, the historic sets, WWII planes, and automobiles.  We strongly advise 1940‘s themed evening attire, party dresses and/or uniforms.  For inspiration and recommendations please visit our Dressing 1940s section. Actual vintage dress is best, however, if you cannot find period attire to wear, women can wear a modern dress that is cut like those from the era with vintage accents such as vintage jewelry, gloves, and/or a flower in their hair and men can wear a modern suit that looks similar to those of the era with accents like a fedora, suspenders or a bow tie.

  ***Please wear or bring comfortable shoes.  The event is at an active airport and the ground is uneven in some areas and has grass and gravel, we highly recommend comfortable shoes. ****If you wear heels, we highly recommend bringing a comfortable pair of shoes to change into. 

Do you still have an on site salon or suggestions of where I can get my hair/make up done?

YES! Click here for more info!

What food do you serve? Can you accommodate special dietary concerns?

Click Here to see our menu. (Summer)

Click Here to see our menu. (Winter)

We will have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free choices.  If you have other special dietary restrictions, please Contact Us and we will look into this for you.

Is outside food or beverages allowed?

(Summer) Except for sealed bottled water, no outside food or beverages are allowed.  (Winter) No outside food or beverage is allowed at the Christmas event.

Can I bring a folding chair?

We do not allow outside chairs to be brought into the event.  We will have plenty of seating available in the Mess Hall area if you need to sit and take a break.

Do you have any type of coat/bag check?

Only at the Christmas Ball.

Do you have a LOST & FOUND?

Lost and Found is located at the merchandise booth.

Are there special accommodations for WWII Veterans?

If you are bringing a WWII veteran please register them to be an honoree and they will receive special comped VIP seating, comped dinner and drinks and a thank you from the stage!  Contact Us to find out how.

My VIP party would like to be seated with another VIP party. Is this possible?

This is not a problem. Please email us at

If my tickets include merch items, where/when do I pick this up?

Add on merch items and souvenirs that came with your ticket, can be picked up at any time during the event at the merch booth.  Please see your map/schedule for exact location.

Is there lodging available for the event?

Yes! Please Click Here. (Summer)

Yes! Please Click Here. (Winter)

Is there shuttle service available to and from the sponsor hotels at the Summer event?

Unfortunately no. If you are unable to drive, we recommend calling a taxi, Lyft or UBER.

Is the Summer event outside?

The Main Stage, VIP area, food vendors, bars, dance floor, general seating, camps, vendors, car show and restrooms are all located outside. Rick’s Cafe American, the Cafe Stage, roulette and photo booth are in the Hangar.

We highly recommend bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, and jackets with you to the event.

Are there special accommodations for those with a handicap?

The entire event is handicap accessible, we offer handicap parking and folks with wheelchairs are able to access most areas.  At the summer event there is grass and gravel, but everything is on one level.