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1940s Ball
1940s Ball

Location / Parking

  The 1940s WWII Era Ball is located at the
Boulder Municipal Airport:
3393 Airport Rd. Boulder, Colorado.

Directions & Parking

Parking is at the airport.  Please consider using Uber or Lyft. This is the best option for the quickest arrival, they will have a special drop off point at the airport, that will get you very quickly into the event.  Please note: Uber or Lyft sign must be clearly visible to gain entry to the airport drop off point.  For handicap parking, please have you handicap pass clearly visible and the parking attendants will show you where to go.

***Please note: We have a 4pm and 7pm entry to help with traffic.  You will need a 4pm ticket in order to enter at 4pm.  If you have 7pm tickets you cannot enter until 7pm.  Please have your parking pass on your dashboard when you arrive. Parking passes will be sent 1 week before the event.  If you are car-pooling or taking Uber or Lyft you can enter at any time. However, if you are bringing a car, you must enter at your ticket time. So if you have a 7pm ticket and would like to come at 4pm, just car pool with a friend that has a 4pm ticket or take an Uber.  We will not be checking entry times once you reach the main walk up gate, it’s just for parking.