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1940s White Christmas Ball
1940s White Christmas Ball


1940s White Christmas Ball Photo

“What a great event/night, June can’t come by soon enough!.”
Nick Moore

“best night of my life!!! Cant wait for the summer ball…..”

Heather Deschaine

“What an amazing night!!! Did not want it to end. Thanks!”

Gino Colletti

“An absolutely wonderful ball, all the ladies looked so beautiful and the men were just dashing. We definitely felt like we had jumped into a time warped. Couldnt have done it at a better venue.”

Suan Bonine

“Three generations of our family attended. Two of which flew out from California, one drove from pueblo and the rest are local. We all had a blast and can’t wait for June!!!”

Alysia Padilla

“I had a awesome time! I just love that era in time. I thought the whole event was a night to remember…it sure was for me.”

Star Rider

“My gran & I had a wonderful time!!”

Michelle Park

“We had a great time, thanks for everyone’s dedication in pulling this event off. Its so great to see such a wide range of ages in one place and everyone having a great time.”

Anne McGann

“This dance was my daughter’s Christmas present. Mine was that she chose to go with me!”

Damond Dotson

“We had a great time and I am looking forward to next year . Thanks!!!” 

Stephanie Brothers

“This was our first year. We had a blast!”

Chris LaFata

“Everything! Loved the fact that *everyone* was dressed up, that we were in such a great venue (Glenn Miller Story anyone? It felt like Glenn Miller and Jimmy Stewart were right there with us!), and I loved the entertainment. My husband and I are planning on making it a yearly event too!”

Jennifer Smith-Daigle

“It was wonderful to be dancing. Great party! Excited for the summer ball!” 

Teresa Schmidt

“Amazing time thank-you …” 

Matthew M Martin

“So much fun! Thank you for a great night.”


“Had a great time and met some wonderful folks. Food was great too. Job well done!”

Greg Young

“We had a lovely time!”

Caitlyn Catpepper

“[Favorite part]…Dancing!!! Oh and dressing up… oh an all the performances… oh and EVERYTHING! :)Thank you for throwing such a wonderful event! This will definitely be a ritual event!!” 

Corie Reeser

“Thanks for having me host the event again! It was a beautiful time with even more beautiful and amazing people!!” 

Cora Vette

“Awesome time at the ball !!!” 

Brenda Gurley

“We had a blast” 

Elizabeth Imes

“Thank you for a wonderful evening!” 

Jennifer Farina Bollinger

“I had a great time and every one was so nice :-)”

Bigdaddy Carlos

“Had a great time. Looking forward to next year!!”

Toby Rampa

“Had a wonderful time thanks everyone!”

Isibella Antionette