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December 2024

Countdown to the Event!








1940s White Christmas Ball


Post Your Pics Contest

Upload and tag your photos during the Ball to our Facebook page or Instagram Page, or after the Ball  – we’ll be giving away a pair of tickets to the next Ball for the best pics from the event through each page the week following the event!

Swing Dance Contest!

Tap in style, just get out and dance when we announce the contest, no registration needed.
Winning couple receives a gift bag with 1940’s Ball tickets, sponsor gifts and merch!

Scavenger Hunt!

This year we will be using a new app called, Goose Chase, for our scavenger hunt and 1940s quest! Download the app in advance and make your way through each challenge, visit different characters along the way, follow clues, solve puzzles and win prizes including, 1940s Choward's Candy, 40s Ball merch and 1940s themed candy boxes!

See you in the game!  Game code: X4GRV1

Best Dressed (vintage fashion) Contest!

We'll select 5 women and 5 men to participate on stage! Chosen contestants will be handed a "Golden Ticket" to compete for Best Dressed vintage fashion (male and female) and Best Military Uniform (male of female).  Winners will receive a customized sash and a gift bag with a slew of prizes including tickets to the next Ball!  ***Must be 18 to enter.