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1940s White Christmas Ball

Grey Kyle (Host)

We are very honored to have world class WWII historian Greg Kyle a part of our team! “Each year, my World War Two reenactor friends and I don the uniforms of our relatives to attend the 1940s Ball in Boulder, Colorado. It promises to be a night of vintage gowns, uniforms, music and entertainment, and it delivers! During the previous 5 years, the 1940s Ball has developed into the closest thing to time travel in Colorado. It is probably the most fun I can have reliving the times of our beloved Golden Age music, stars and WWII Veterans. Every year, there is so much happening that I can’t see it all, unless I stop dancing to the swingin’ Big Band music. Regardless, it’s wonderful to pause my 21st century life for one summer night and mingle with guests amongst the airplanes, tanks, jeeps and displays we set up.”