Karen Wibrew (Host)

Karen Wibrew has been a vintage clothing enthusiast since her earliest memories. At age 6 she put Victorian high button boots on her Christmas list. By age 10 she had drafted plans for an historic fashion museum she planned to open. She became enamoured of the 1940s because of her grandparents and their stories of the War years. WWII history continues to be important to her. Having collected vintage clothing for more than 35 years, she has amassed an extensive wardrobe of WWII era women’s civilian clothing and military uniforms. Her home was built in 1945 and is decorated in 1940s style. Even her work involves WWII. She currently works at Regis University as a fundraiser supporting the various colleges and centers, including the Center for the Study of War Experience and its WWII collection. Prior to Regis, she worked for the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. We are so excited to bring Karen’s expertise to our contest team!