2020 Theme: WWII Jungle Outpost!


“What a great event/night, June can’t come by soon enough!.”  Nick Moore

“best night of my life!!! Cant wait for the summer ball…..” Heather Deschaine

“What an amazing night!!! Did not want it to end. Thanks!”   Gino Colletti

“It was great to be a part of such a growing iconic event.” Derek Evilsizor our Frank Sinatra  

 “I moved to Boulder almost two years ago and have been hearing about this party held in the airport hangar from my clients!!!..if it’s one thing I luff it’s a good costume and dancing (not to mention some history included!)!!!!! :-)”

Cassie Cilli  Boulder Page Events 

“We had no idea that it would be so big with between 1,500 and 2,000 people partying it up at the airport. The whole thing was a big success, can’t wait for next year.” —BoulderPage Events                              

“Home on leave, Marco & MacKenzie 2 US Marines in civies. Best party we’ve ever been to.” Mark Lucks

“Such an AMAZING event! We had the most incredible time! Thank youuuuuuu!”

Amanda Erck

“We had so much fun! Can’t wait till next year! Thanks~”Alecia Davis

“So much Fun! I have never had such a good time at a dance before, the atmosphere was so amazing and all of the people were gorgeous. Thank you so much.” Amanda Albrecht

“I had a great time! Cant wait till Winter ball!” Debra Ford

“I’ve been a WWII buff for years (since a kid, even after sixteen years of service). I am caught, hook, line and sinker! We had such a great time!” James Oliver

“Plane old PARADISE!” Steve Oathout                 

“Thanks you for the great night with my husband!  Still on a buzz of smiles from the evening!” Lynn Schriner

“We had a blast dancing the night away! Thanks for creating such a magical event!  It was great meeting so many new people!” Amanda Jung

“We all had a ball and enjoyed seeing all the beautiful outfits everyone was wearing. Thank you for such a wonderful evening.” Diane Stanko  

“Had a great time shooting this event! Beautifully organized, amazing dancing, attire, etc. So glad I was part of it all. Photos coming soon and there’s great ones of many of you.” www.cakeknifephotography.com 🙂 Marla Rutherford

“Thanks for such a great night! Super fun – can’t wait till next year!” Cathlin Matson

“Fabulous time! Thank you so much for all the work that went into making WWII Ball such a wonderful time! Same time next year? ;o)” Hope McDonald

“Me and my girl friend had an amazing time!!Thank you so much!” John TheDon Jacobucci

“We had a BLAST! Need to take some swing lessons before next year. Our salsa moves didn’t quite cut it. But we had fun dancing the night away despite this issue. LOL!” www.HeidiTown.com

“We had a fantastic time!! Can’t wait for the Winter Ball!” Ann Karpinski

“That was great guys! We had a blast and are now hooked. Thanks for hosting a great night.” Kathleen Carothers 

“It was one of the best events I’ve attended”–Sue Jotblad

“We had a blast! Cant wait for next year!” Adam Harden

“SUCH an amazing night!” —Karri Pelliccioni

“Thank you for a wonderful adventure into the 1940’s. It was a pure delight to be a witness to such an endearing and enjoyable experience. Here is a sample of the photographs that were a delight to take…can’t wait for the White Christmas Ball!”–TJ Holt Photography

“Last night was a BLAST! We will be making this a yearly event!”–Leanne Goff

“We had a fantastic night, dancing, music, meeting and making new friends, it was over way to soon.” –Mark Lucks

“We had such a great time!”–Kate Hart

“The ball was a blast. Big thanks to the organizers.” –Andrew Brozyna

“Had a blast cannot wait till december”–Brittany Bianco

“We had a blast and got a ton of good pictures! Super fun!!!”–Danielle Roper

“We had a Great Night…thank you!”–Kelly Jenkins Leedy

“Just cant wait for December”-Josh Grimsley

“Had such an amazing time!!! Everyone looked so amazing!!!” Jillian Gericke

“Good times. Thanks for all of your hard work!” LaSheita S.

“Wow- too bad we had to work another event early – Wish we could have been there all day too! what a fantastic event! It just keeps getting better –THANKS!” – –DJ- Ragtop Rocker and Miss Ravenna Black

“Fabulous night!!!!”  Laura Romey Gilchrist

“Had a ton of fun dancing all night at the ball.”–Tyler Burd

“I had the best time of my life!”–Andre Miller

“One of the most magical nights ever!! Already counting down till next year!”–Brad Dantone 

“What an amazing event! It was my first time but certainly not my last :D”–Sheila Boney 

“Most incredible night of my life. Went with my boyfriend, left with a fiancé he proposed on top of the Grumman TBM-3E”–Nicole Fraser


“Wont miss another one! Such a great time!! Thank you!”–Danni Malone

“For one night, you get an opportunity to be a part of the greatest generation…”–Lori Saine  

“We loved the irony of all the retro-glam gals using smart phones for lipstick touch-ups!”–Elizabeth McClarren Gronewold and Iman Woods

“Thank you, everyone at the 1940’s ball for such a wonderful time. From the volunteers to the talent, guests and friends – you made everything fantastic for us and our vets.”–Baxter Roberts 

“EPIC time tonight! I loved going to the 5th Anniversary 1940’s WWII Era Ball at the Boulder Airport as a person and not a business. Had the best time with my friends. Shenanigans included. :)”–Iman Woods

“She said yes!” –John E. Quesada

“I had a blast!! My man and I are going to take swing dancing classes, so we’ll be better prepared for next year!! ;D”–Julie Delilah Goodman

“I had a ton of fun yesterday, both volunteering and enjoying the event!

Can’t wait til the next one!”–Claire Davis

“what a fabulous evening we had at the 1940’s Ball !”–KeepIt InColorado

“I had such a great time! I didn’t want to come back to 2013. Looking forward to the Christmas Ball!”–Matthew MacIntosh

“Last night I had the honor of meeting a 94 year old vet who had fought so bravely for our country in the war. His companions and he thanked us for taking a picture with him. I thought that was the craziest thing ever because at that moment I was so humbled and honored that HE took a picture with us, it will be a moment I will always cherish!”–

 Kelly Jenkins Leedy

“What a fabulous time we had – this was our first time at the 1940s ball and it definitely won’t be our last! Thanks so much for all of your amazing work organizing this event – the evening and weather could not have been more perfect!”–Julie Bennett

“What a total blast! Kudos and thanks to the amazing team who put all of this together. My hubby and I (one of the Generals Patton and his Hot Tomato) will make this a yearly tradition. What a marvelous way to celebrate The Greatest Generation and the sacrifices they made for our freedoms.”–Kim Riether Coupounas 

“Ridiculous amounts of fun were had by us! Thank you!”–Jenn Hansen

“You put on an excellent event! I spoke with alot of folks on Saturday and everyone was having a great time. Well done! Thank you for the opportunity to take photos and be a part of a wonderful event. Looking forward to next year already!”–Ralph Scobey 

“Great time! Thanks for having me host again. See you the Tiki Ball I hope!”–Cora Vette

“Thank you!! That was a fabulous time, and what a great night! So fun performing in a setting like that…WOW!”–Sherri Winkelmann

“I had a fun night with friends. I never come with a “date” ans always end up having more fun!”–Rebel Rosie

“We had a great time last night! Thank you.”–Stephanie Brothers

It was a great time.”–Jessica Antoinette Tavares

So much fun!”–Methylene Blue

“A blast as always!”–Sheila Broderick

“Thank you so much for having us! We all had a such a wonderful time performing and enjoying the evening together! Can’t wait to do it again!”–xx The BlueStockings

“Amazing! last night eclipsed the year before— extending the venue was exactly what the ball needed.”–Erika Schmidt

“AMAZING!!”–Denene Fox

“What a great time last night, and the Frank Sinatra impersonator was fantastic!!!! Thank you for a great event!”–Heather Corey

“We had a blast last night! Well done.”–Mike Mattison

“Best time I have had in a very long time!”–Terry Brunke

“So fun.”–Sarah Daigle

“What a great night it was and what a fabulous time we had.”–Lainey Thomas

“I was awesome Thank you!!!”–Tammy Bevill Jacovetta

“Our first…had a really fun time! Thanks for the memories!!”–Wendy Waites

So much fun”–Marguerite McKenna

“Had a good ol’ fashion time at this years ball!”–Shelly Fayles

“Thanks for such a great night! It was so much fun!”–Bethany Farmer

“Our first time, we had a blast!”–Michael Brown

“What a memorable night!”–Staci Veitch

“Thanks again for an incredible time!”–William Kucharski

“Had so much fun!!”–Brigid Whitehead

“Had a blast!”–Windy P Kilroy

“1940’s ball was a blast!!!”–Stacey Grauberger

“What a great time!”–Jesse James Hughen

“What a romantic evening” –Rebecca Madson 

“Thanks for an amazing night!” –Nicole Fraser

“This was a Fun event that I will make sure, I go to next year !!”–Larry Mark 

“Had a great time!!”–Sasha Shaw

“We had a blast at the event”–

Slack-Jaw Photography

“So much fun!”–Andre Miller

“Such a great time on those cars! For sure will be back next year :)” —

Laura Semin

“We had a wonderful time! Thank you so much.”–Jim Beastoh Stigall

“Had a blast!”–Courtney Lambert

“Had such a great time!”–Shay Chado

“Thank you for such a wonderful night! Can’t wait for the tiki party!”–Lily Bell 

“We had so much fun!”– Hayley Rose Hutson

“Thank you for a wonderful night!”–Aleigha Hawkins Colby  

“We had a blast selling our bow ties at the ball last night!! Thanks to everyone who stopped in and said hi.”–

Nineteen Forty Ltd.

“Had an amazing time!”–Jesse James Hughen

“Thanks for a wonderful evening!! Cant wait for the next one!”–Audi May 

“Such a fun event! ♥”–Lisa Hetzel