Ladies get your rollers cookin’ and irons hot; it’s time for some 1940’s style tips! As we draw closer to our big night in June, preparing beforehand to get these vintage styles will ensure that everything will come together tip top the night of!

We’re going to start with the ladies and hopefully you’ll find a few style tips you can take with you! When it comes to 1940’s style personal style, there are two key elements to initially concentrate on to make a unique image: hair and makeup. What you are going to need to remember more than anything when it comes to these vintage styles and that’s the fact that they will all can take significantly longer to achieve than a lot of modern styles and do’s just because you may have never done them before. The first style that all ladies familiar with vintage style is the ever-changing updo and peek-a-boo bangs and if your hair is shoulder length or longer the updo is an easy style to achieve. Basic styling tools for this do will include a paddle brush, a comb, a hair elastic, and a few bobby pins. You will want to brush your hair back and gather it into a ponytail at the base of your neck; secure it with the elastic and split into two parts and tease each part with the comb. Take one section, twist it under and secure it with bobby pins to the other and repeat on the other side. If the sleek look is desired, smooth out any stray hair and spray into place.


Peek-a-boo bangs, made famous by starlet Veronica Lake is a style that will never go out of fashion and remains contemporary despite time passing. To achieve this look, you will want to wash your hair and dry until it is lightly damp. Remember, the whole point of this style is to get the “peek-a-boo effect” over one eye. Using a 1” diameter curling iron, curl small sections of hair starting at the top; be sure not to unwind the curling iron, instead open it up slightly and slide the curl off the iron then pin in place with a bobby pin. Wait a few minutes to cool then remove the bobby pins and use your fingers to loosen the curls into waves. Due to the heavy part, the other side of your hair will partly cover your eye; a big tip is to bobby pin a wave over the other eye so you can see!


When it comes to getting all dolled up for the big night, proper period specific makeup can make you shine like the star you are! The 1940’s era ushered in a glamorous time for the Unites Stated and despite war rationing women continued to push personal style forward with makeup expressions. A magazine in England in 1940 advised women to:


Wear a stay put foundation, preferably tinted, a rosy red rouge and matching lipstick. Amber lights of theaters and restaurants reduce vermilion colored lips to a ghastly pallor. Put plenty of emphasis on the eyes, a spot of sparkly eye-shadow that you’ve no doubt being hoarding this past year for the right occasion, a hair line of mascara under the lower lashes, lashes which you’ve conditioned with lash cream “.

Important to remain mindful is also appropriate color; 1940’s lipstick colors included light reds, fuchsia, as well and pink/orange reds. A lady must also remember to do her nails to match the outfit for the night, popular varnish colors included navy blue, reds, and all shades of green with then leaving the cuticle and the very tip of the nail.