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Where is the Ball located?

The Ball will be at the Hyatt Regency at the Convention Center Downtown Denver.  CLICK HERE for directions.

What time does the Ball start?

Doors open at 4:15pm for Seniors/VIPs and those who would like to partake in the free dance lesson only. General Admission starts at 5pm.

Where can I purchase tickets? Please visit our ticket link in the navigation bar above.

When seniors come at 4:15pm for early admission, can others in their party that are not seniors get in at that time too?

Yes.  As long as there is a senior (65+), your entire party can enter during early admission with them.

If I purchased reserved seating, does everyone in my party
need a ticket?

We have a VIP manager that will be reaching out to everyone who purchased VIP seating to get names and to give you the appropriate check in info  2 weeks before the Ball.  This will ensure a smooth arrival for everyone in your party.

My VIP party would like to be seated with another VIP party.
Is this possible?

This is not a problem. We have a VIP manager that will be reaching out to everyone who purchased VIP seating to get names and to give everyone the appropriate check-in info 2 weeks before the Ball. During this time, please let our manager know who you would like to sit with and we will accommodate you.

Will there be a place to sit if I bought general admission tickets?

Yes. We will have plenty of table seating in our dining area for dinner and to rest in between dancing and enjoying the activities throughout the event, on a first come first serve basis.  These seats are to eat or rest only, they cannot be reserved and are not meant to sit at throughout the event.   If you require a seat throughout the event, we recommend reserved seating. ****Senior seating- we will have a section of chairs by the stage for seniors over 65 on a first come first serve basis.  There will also be room here for handicap seating.

If I purchased Early Bird Tickets, where/when do I pick up my merch?

Early Bird merch can be picked up at anytime during the event at the merch booth.  Please see your map/schedule that you will receive at check in for exact location.  Please note it’s 1 gift per order.

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

Our refund policy can be found at the bottom of our ticket page here.

What food do you serve? Can you accommodate special dietary concerns?

CLICK HERE to see our menu.

We will have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free choices.  If you have other special dietary restrictions, please email us at info@1940sball.org and we will look into this for you.

Is there lodging available for the event?

Yes! Visit our Official Hotel Page HERE!

Is there parking at the event?

Yes. CLICK HERE for more information.

Is dressing 1940s mandatory?

We strongly advise 1940‘s themed evening attire, party dresses and/or uniforms. Actual vintage dress is best, however if you cannot find period attire to wear, women can wear a modern dress that is cut like those from the era with vintage accents such as vintage jewelry and/or a flower in their hair and men can wear a modern suit that looks similar to those of the era with accents like a fedora, suspenders or a bow tie.

Are there special accommodations for the handicapped?

The entire event is handicap accessible, we also offer handicap parking.

If I am volunteering what do I wear?  How do I check in?

If you are working set up, please wear comfortable clothing.  If you are working the event please see attendee guidelines above. We will be in touch approximately 2 weeks before the event w/checkin details.

Are children allowed at the event?

Children 12 years of age and under are not permitted at the event. We apologize for any inconvenience.