Dan Daru Reporter June 17, 2011

BOULDER, Colo. -- Sometimes Khyentse James feels she was born in the wrong generation. Better make that, most of the time.

"That sort of warmth and nostalgia really sparks my heart," says Khyentse.

Khyentse's grandparents were radio performers during the 1940's and played a big role in her love of the era.

"My grandmother gave me voice lessons with songs from the '40's and I learned the Andrews Sisters very early on."

Growing up in the late 1900's, Khyentse listened to more modern artists, like Green Day, but in her heart, she yearned for Glenn Miller.

So a few years ago, she decided to have a ball. The World War II 1940's Era Ball, that is.

"With airplanes and with World War II jeeps and props and movie set lights and make them feel like they're on a movie set or stepping back in time to a party in the '40's," Khyentse says.

Last year, over 1,700 people attended the ball in the hangar at the Boulder Municipal Airport. The growing appeal of the greatest generation doesn't surprise the WWII aficionado.

"We really long for that warmth and nostalgia and in modern times we have computers and we don't have ways to connect,” says Khyentse.

From Frank Sinatra to the Andrews Sisters, it is the soundtrack to the greatest, and Khyentse James' favorite, generation.

3rd Annual 1940’s World War II Era Ball

Saturday- 5pm

Boulder Municipal Airport